Change The Game: Celebrating 75 years — and bold growth ahead

Image of Tanny Crane smiling at the camera.
Tanny Crane
  • Life beyond just manufacturing plastics: Throughout our history, we were a plastics company, and everything we made was for other manufacturers. Then, in the 1970s vinyl siding took over the housing market, replacing brick and wood nationwide. Seeing an opportunity, we teamed with a duo out of Pittsburgh to launch Vinyl Improvement Products Company (VIPCO). From manufacturing to marketing, we owned the whole chain. It was our first foray into controlling our own destiny. We soon bought out the duo and learned a very important lesson along the way: Value alignment among partners is key.
  • Growing up: In the early 1990s, we acquired another plastics company when we bought majority interest in Compression Polymers in Scranton, PA. We then invested in other small companies, too — Able Roof, Signature Controls, and Suburban Steel. We were diversifying our portfolio with founder-led companies that shared our values, and everyone was winning.
  • Get small to grow: By 1999, business was booming in all directions. Plastics production for Andersen Windows was sky high. TimberTech decking was just taking off, but under Crane Plastics’ roof. We knew we could grow companies like Suburban Steel further faster but were constrained by our structure. We decided we had to get small to get large again. So we imploded the business. We broke the company up into nine LLCs overnight and drafted every single Crane employee into one of them. We named CEOs for each company, gave them equity and let them fly. It worked — and paved the way for the Crane of today.
  • Next gen: The 2010s brought another seismic shift. With advice from leadership and family, along with market intelligence, we thoughtfully and very carefully sold those legacy plastics businesses and positioned Crane for a new generation that has now joined us — the fourth in the family.
  • Bold growth ahead: Now, with a freshly minted strategic plan, we are leaning into the value we provide as Crane Group, and we are growing our operating business portfolio in a more ambitious way than ever before. (We’re taking over our whole floor in our Belmont building — which is a great physical demonstration of our agenda.) We’re also investing in social impact opportunities, which is thrilling. I’ve never seen the team more energized — or more diverse. The future really is now.



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Crane Group

Crane Group

Crane Group is a family-owned holding and management company based in Columbus, Ohio celebrating 75 years of investing in people, businesses and good.